A Special Request from the PGM
As we approach the centenary of the end of the first world war I would like the secretaries of the 24 Mark Lodges in the Mark Province of West Lancashire, consecrated prior to 1914, to look through their Lodge minute books and identify if possible any Brother who fell in the Great War.
Further to this at the nearest meeting to November the names of those Brethren should be read out in open Lodge and their passing should be remembered in the usual way with a period of silence.
I feel this would be a fitting tribute to those Mark Masons who made that ultimate sacrifice and show they are never forgotten even though their names are not familiar to us.
Had they not been lost in that war to what would they have aspired and how different would our Mark Lodges be today?
I thank you for undertaking this task which is minuscule compared to that sacrifice they made for our Country
Keith Beardmore Provincial Grand Master