"Provincial Mark Ball, 31st October - Cancelled
Brethren, as you will appreciate, our Mark Provincial Grand Master often has difficult decisions to make and undoubtedly there are others which are easy to make.  This one had elements of both.  On the one hand I know that our PGM had hoped that the Mark Ball on Saturday 31st October would become a celebration; that is, a celebration of a return to normal.  Sadly that is not to be, in view of the continued threat and uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus Covid-19.
Also, current government rules and guidance from our own organisation, limits meetings to a maximum of 30 people.  We cannot envisage any major change to this rule between now and the end of October.
Hence, with the safety and good health of the brethren and their families uppermost in their deliberations, the PGM and his Executive have decided that it is best to cancel the Provincial Mark Ball for this year.
For those of you with room bookings at the hotel, I have talked to the hotel owners and will be writing to you individually regarding your deposits.  Hence, please refrain from contacting the hotel until I send out further information.
The PGM did consider the option of postponing the Ball to a later date, but reasoned that would simply extend the uncertainty of whether it would have to be postponed yet again.
Fraternal Regards,
Alan Foster