Brother Chris Keogh, A life saver
Chris Keogh, the Junior Warden of Semper Fedelis Mark No 880, was on his way home from a late night of Road Marking,(Chris runs his own business JK Roadmaking’s) observed a lady led on the pavement not far from his home at around 2:30am, being concerned Chris pulled over and went to check if she was ok, Chris realised she wasn’t breathing and was very cold, Chris immediately telephoned 999 and commenced CPR, the operator instructed Chris to continue CPR and counted the compressions with him and shortly after the lady started breathing, the operator asked Chris to tell her every time the lady took a breath which he did but after a few breaths the lady stoppedĀ  breathing again, so he started compressions again and managed to get the lady once more just as the ambulance arrived.
He remained on the phone counting breaths until the paramedics had got all their PPE and equipment ready to take over.
We have no information on the lady other than she is ok and was still recovering in hospital, Chris said they 999 operators don’t get enough credit for the work they do, the operator stayed so calm throughout and made sure he understood what he needed to do and ensured the timing were perfect.
No doubt he saved the ladies life, but he could not have done it without the operators help.
Not all Hero’s wear capes
Words and pictures by Tony Farrar