Motorcycle Group Meeting
The inaugural meeting of the Motorcycle Group took place at Wellington Park on Saturday April 2nd 2016. A total of five members attended, with three interested members sending in apologies, for which I thank them.
It was agreed by those who made the effort, that we should have another meeting, which is scheduled for May 7th at Wellington Park at 10.30a.m. in the Monza Suite. If no more interest is shown at this meeting, then I cannot see this “group” becoming a viable option.
With no less than twenty people replying to the e-mail sent to all Secretaries, and having been informed of the meeting individually be e-mail, it is a very poor show, that only four made the effort to attend, and extremely disappointing for those who did, if that is your commitment to date it does not bode good for the future.
W.Bro. C. Mills