The Red Rose Lodge of Mark Master Masons
Installation Ceremony The Masonic Hall, Market St, Hindley, Wigan.    Monday 26th November 2018
Plus the Presentation of the Travelling Keystone.
Another meeting to look forward to and this time it’s a hall I haven’t visited before, a very pleasant day weather wise so far, left the grumpy Old Opel in his house and set off in the Tipo which as you know is quite posh for me with its built in Sat Nav, USB and phone connections and of course I get no complaints from it like it’s cold or it’s raining. Off we went at 3.30pm, on to the Smart motorway M60 (you know what I think about that one), nearly turned on to the M62 now that would have been a big mistake as traffic was staring to get heavy, made it on to the correct motorway M61 and for once had a very pleasant trouble free drive. Arriving at Hindley turned left on to Market Street in plenty of rush hour traffic, after a few hundred yards I was being told you have arrived, a quick look round and I thought arrived where!!  Shops, cafe’s, Italian and Indian Restaurants, then it was I spotted a man stood at a gate and his clothes were a dead giveaway, ah ha now that’s a Mason I thought. I was now facing some traffic lights in three lanes of traffic but hey ho I did a U turn (I thought I was back in my Panda) pulled up alongside and received a warm welcome from a Mason I now know to be W. Bro. David Webster who directed me to a carpark which was just around the corner, locked up and was in the Hall in 5 minutes. 
W.Bro. David Webster the man from the gate complete with Flowers.
Entrance and Stairs
Lounge and Dining Room
What a hidden Gem, from the outside you could say nothing really special, annexed to an Indian restaurant, it has very clean lines and the whole structure is painted white, however, don’t be fooled, once inside it’s a different story, a lot of hard work has been going on, it’s well painted, has great fittings and has a really good quality carpet which runs throughout the building, on the ground floor is the dining room complete with a dance floor and bar.
Lounge and Bar
Anti Room
Smaller Lodge Room
In the hallway a staircase takes you up to the first floor where two excellent Lodge rooms can be found, there is an anti room and plenty of storage cupboards and cabinets, to note also is a lift which has been installed to assist anyone who may have a problem climbing the stairs.
Large Lodge Room
SW’s Wicket
Before too long members and visitors began to arrive including the presentation Team from The Lodge of Charity No.935, everyone was very friendly with welcoming handshakes and lots of happy chat, on time the meeting commenced at 6pm, the usual housekeeping was dealt with including a ballot for a joining member which proved in favour of Bro. Keith Charman, following that item W.Bro. Giles Berkley Asst PGM entered the Lodge accompanied by Grand and Acting Grand officers he was welcomed by the WM Bro.Peter Coates and offered the gavel which on this occasion he was very quick to return saying he knew how much hard work must have been put in for the Installation Ceremony by the WM and didn’t want to take the spotlight from him!!.(phew thank goodness he took it back)
Impressive Lodge Entrance
Well They Were All Here Last Night
Roll of Honour  
A first class Ceremony followed to install the Master Elect Bro. Ken Wilson into the chair of Adoniram, the presentation and explanation of the Keystone Jewel was delivered by W.Bro. Colin Sharples PPrGSW, and following the appointment and investiture of all the officers for the ensuing year, the address to the WM was given by W.Bro. Geoff Catterall, the address to the Wardens by W.Bro.Chris Reeman, address to the Overseers by W.Bro. Colin Sharples and the address to the Brethren was delivered in fine style by the Asst PGM W.Bro. Giles Berkley. The newest member of the Lodge of at least 30 minutes was very pleased to accept his first office that of IG. (Rapid promotion). At this point W.Bro. Rick Wooley PrvGStwd who had just been installed as the Lodge DC was delighted as his first action to notify the WM that the Installation Ceremony was now concluded.
W.Bro’s Brian Dietz, Graham Corday & WM David Whitmore from Lodge of Charity
The Travelling Keystone
Presentation Team with WM
The Presentation
W.Bro. Giles Berkley the Asst PGM rose to his feet and was happy to convey the greetings from our PGM along with his own to the new WM of Red Rose Mark Lodge also congratulating the now Asst DC W. Bro Ray Pine PAGSwdB and all the officers who had taken part. The WM thanked Giles and was happy to present him with 3 cheques from members of the Lodge, one each to the WLMC, Hindley Hall Development Fund and one for the Honey Rose Foundation (which assist in looking after the Terminally ill) a wonderful gesture on this special evening.
Group with the New WM
Asst PGM with the Installing WM
All present at the meeting
On closing the meeting the members and guests all gathered for a photo shoot to record the evenings events including some pictures showing the Presentation Team from Lodge of Charity who were to hand over the Keystone at the Social Board, unfortunately on this occasion I had to make a quick exit left but I am informed by my good friend and fellow Acting Grand Steward Graham Gorday that as is usual the Social Board was a great success, the usual Toasts and some fine responses were made, the Keystone changed hands and a lovely bouquet of flowers was presented to the Asst PGM for his good lady to bring the evening to a close. 
A fine body of Men
Two Acting Grand Stewards & Asst PGM Giles (Past GStwd)
Prov Sec John Bicknall & Asst PGM Giles Berkley
Now I don’t have to guess because I know that all present will have said their goodbyes and given genuine handshakes having spent a great evening in each other’s company and left looking forward to their next meeting as I always do. The Travelling Keystone is a great idea to promote visiting amongst Lodges and the hope that they will create lasting friendships between Lodges who are lucky enough to be involved in holding the Stone.
Four Chains in Attendance
A pleasant drink provided by the Lodge  
I walked out into the cold night air and there wasn’t a soul in sight, all was quiet no vehicle noises, nothing, now I’m not used to that living not too far from the Trafford Centre especially at this time of the year, all my local roundabouts get completely blocked as everyone seems to get present blind, I do mean blocked from every direction. My journey home was none event full for some reason, I soon passed under the Bus Stop on the Bridge, ran alongside the many lights on the Centre which now looks like Blackpool Illuminations and that was it home and looking forward to my next meeting to see old friends and those I have yet to meet.
There may be a surprise next week at my RAM meeting in Urmston, you may all know the Candidate, keep a lookout for the report.
Words and pictures by Austin N Fletcher.
Flixton Shepherd Eastwood. No.1173