Eccles Mark Lodge No.843
Eccles Mark Lodge No. 843 Installation went ahead on Friday 13 March and was well attended by Grand and acting Provincial Officers despite the ongoing coronavirus.
W.Bro. Ian Douglas Nairn who couldn't attend because of the virus was remembered and all the Brethren
sent their best wishes.
W.Bro. Graham Bailey stepped in to fill the breech and he and the rest of the Brethren witnessed an excellent ceremony when W.Bro. Peter Burrows installed his father Bro Alan Burrows in the chair of Adorinum.
W.Bro. B. Walker gave the addresses to the Master and Wardens, W.Bro Graham Bailey gave the addresses to the Overseers and Brethren, Bro. M. Brindle presented the working tools and W.Bro. P. Burrows the Key Stone Jewel and Collarette.
The whole ceremony was conducted with feelings that a son has for his dad and it was very emotional.
Also the travelling Keystone was presented to our W.M.M. by W.Bro Derek Hedges W.M.M. Southport Lodge
Words and pictures by Robert Allman