The Travelling Keystone is on the Move Again
What a great idea this was, brought into being by our PGM R.W. Bro. Keith Beardmore to create even more friendship between our Magic Mark Lodges. When a Lodge receives the stone, the WM should look towards visiting another Mark Lodge meeting along with some of his members as visitors and share in the good company which can be found in all our Mark Lodges. I think it’s a great idea and all Lodges should join in the spirit of the Travelling Keystone.

Chorlton Mark No. 394. Received the Stone from Eccles Mark No.843

In the last two months it travelled from Eccles Mark No. 843 to Chorlton Mark No. 394 on the 6th October, before a couple of weeks had past it was in turn taken to Flixton Shepherd Eastwood Mark No.1173 this time at the Festive Board following the Lodge Installation Meeting on the 25th October.
Next it went with the WM and several members of Flixton Shepherd Eastwood to Cloister No.1475, which is as far South as you can go in our great Province of West Lancashire, a great night was enjoyed by everyone present.
Chorlton passed it on to Flixton Shepherd Eastwood. No.1173
If your Lodge does receive the Keystone please join in and look forward to attending a Lodge where you can pass it on, the West Lanc’s Web site shows the Register of all the Lodges who have so far received it, when you decide and arrange a visit, have a great evening wherever you  attend to pass it on and spread the good will of this great Magic Mark Degree. 
Flixton Shepherd Eastwood passed it on to Cloister Mark. No.1475
Austin N Fletcher. PGJD. Flixton Shepherd Eastwood Mark Lodge. No. 1173
Mark Well. Look after yourself and stay in touch with your family, friends, Lodge members, and anyone who is alone or unwell especially at this time of year heading towards Christmas.
Mark Well.