'A'-PGM's Corner
Ian Nairn June 2015
Brethren, welcome to the first of what I hope will be a regular report on my Mark activities in the Province and beyond and some of my hobbies and interests.
Let me start from the beginning of what may be termed a new era as far as the leadership of this great Mark Masonic province is concerned. RT. W.Bro. Keith Alan Beardmore certainly ticks all the boxes concerning the qualities necessary for a Provincial Grand Master, he is a Mark man to his very core, his leadership will be positive, resourceful, dynamic, intuitive, intelligent and caring.
Part of that intelligent leadership has been displayed at an early stage when he asked me to continue as Assistant Provincial Grand Master, a position I cherish with gratitude and much pride, only being made possible by the attitude and devotion of the Mark Brethren of West Lancashire.
On the 6th of May, being aware of the importance of our Provincial Grand Lodge meeting and the part I was to play in it, I decided to stay at the Ramada Hotel on the eve on the event, this was firstly to avoid any adverse traffic conditions and secondly to avoid ant inclement weather conditions on the day, the hotel having its own access door to the Floral Hall and I do not like getting wet with my kit on!
A pre-event evening meal was organised by VW. Bro. Michael Clarke with about 14 dining. In preparation for the nights frivolities I decide to take a shower, which turned out to be a big mistake, stepping into the bath I slipped and careered down the bath leaving my left knee ligaments stuck under the shower screen and hitting my head on the bath edge, resulting in what I found out two days later to be two cracked ribs, torn stomach muscles and severe bruising. (Yes, I do have stomach muscles and no, I had not had a drink).
The following morning at breakfast I told some of the Brethren of my accident and the pain I was in and they had as much sympathy as Attila the Hun.
Topped with a good breakfast, paracetamol and adrenaline, I had a great day at Provincial GL and a big thank you to all the Brethren who attended this magnificent annual event and congratulations to all the newly appointed and promoted Brethren. 
There then followed on the 11th of May, Very W.Bro. Stuart Cowburns’ 50th celebration “in that other order” the Craft at Leyland Masonic Hall.
Tuesday the 12th I attended the Mark Executive meeting at Leyland with crown green bowling for my Craft Lodge team in the evening.
Wednesday the 13th was my Royal Order of Scotland meeting at West Houghton.
Thursday the 14th saw RT. W.Bro. Peter Connolly celebrating 50 years as a Royal Arch Mason at Hope Street. A great night was had.
Monday the 18th May I attended my Mark lodge meeting (Newton 1003) and witnessed a demonstration Advancement ceremony.
On the 19th, bowling.
Wednesday the 19th May saw me going to Honiton in Devon, pursuing another one of my hobbies, to pick up a 3.5 inch gauge 0-6-0 side tank steam locomotive ,and isn’t she a little beauty?—see the picture. I have placed my full size black E-type Jaguar alongside the loco to give you some idea of the scale .I have had my little Caledonian Blue engine in steam and running on a rolling road and she runs like the proverbial well oiled Swiss watch.
Tuesday the 26th May I was bowling in the evening at our home ground- the viaduct Sports and Social club in Earlestown. The club was a facility created by the now long gone Viaduct railway carriage and wagon works which at one time employed over 2000 men. It is just like the “wheel tappers and shunters social club” but with no Colin Crompton.
Wednesday the 27th May was the Mark Province of East Lancashire’s annual Provincial meeting, held this year at St. George’s  Hall in Blackburn – where I along with the rest of the Executive had to suffer distinguished visitor status (free drinks and being treated like Royalty) , but we do this un-begrudgingly on your behalf Brethren.
Thursday the 28th May I attended my Craft lodge meeting (Willows 5343) the last one before the break. Sunday the 31st May was the 2014-15 Acting Provincial Officers Sunday lunch at Garstang Masonic Hall to celebrate the end of their term in office, being well organised by W. Brothers Robinson and Farrar. June 2nd – bowling again and 'got battered'.
Tuesday the 9th June saw 64 West Lancashire Mark Brethren attend the investiture meeting of Mark Grand Lodge, a very good number and the PGM is grateful for their support and representation at this important event .My congratulations go to the newly appointed and promoted members of Grand Lodge and I hope that they enjoy their new ranks for many years to come.
(Ian modestly forget to mention his promotion to PGJO) webmaster
The Grand Master, Prince Michael of Kent presided at the meeting and was heard to say at the festive board in the Connaught Rooms, how impressed he was with the West Lancashire attendance.
That’s my month or thereabouts, of an APGM finished. I hope you enjoyed this brief report and that you may possibly look forward to the next one, as I do.
I apologise for having to withhold names in order to protect the guilty, and it is the last time I ask W.Bro. Austin Fletcher to supply a photo of me for the front of the article.
Keep Marking well Brethren—yours fraternally—
VW Bro.  Ian Douglas Nairn PGJO RAMGR Assistant PGM