An Outstanding meeting at Adoniram Mark Lodge
18th November 2015
With a membership of just under 300, Adoniram Mark Lodge No 552 is a very prestigious lodge and at the meeting at Leyland Masonic Hall this was reflected by the attendance of just under 150 members and guests.
Danny Jones and Tony Harrison, both Past APGM’s enjoy a laugh before the meeting
There was a ‘buzz’ in the lodge room which gave an indication of the friendship which prevails in this Lodge at every meeting but this had to be brought to a halt when David Emmerson the DC, in his inimitable style, called the brethren to order for the start of the meeting.
All 17 new members of the Lodge
Stuart Cowburn, as Worshipful Master took the Chair of Adoniram and the meeting got underway. The usual lodge business was efficiently conducted but then one of the highlights of the morning took place when a ballot for no-less than 17 joining members took place. This highlights the prestige in which this Lodge is held and all 17 were presented to the Master before taking their seats in the Lodge.
The new Worshipful Master (3rd from left) (with l to r) Rod Bennison, Secretary, Giles Berkley,
the PGM, Stuart Cowburn, IPM and Ian Nairn APGM
The second highlight of the morning was the presentation of Geoffrey Herbert Lee, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, as the Master Elect and he was very ably installed into the Chair of Adoniram by the outgoing Worshipful Master, Stuart Cowburn.
The Provincial Grand Master congratulates Geoffrey Lee
RW.Bro. Peter Connolly, our immediate Past Provincial Grand Master, gave a faultless presentation of the Address to the Master and the following gave the various addresses. Eric Picton to the Wardens, Ian Nairn to the Overseers, and RWBro Keith Alan Beardmore, the Provincial Grand Master to the Brethren.
The Lodge presented a cheque for £750 to Mark Charities. An outstanding amount by any measure.
Although not in the best of health on the day the new Master, Geoff Lee was nevertheless on form and he demonstrated his unique sense of humour on a couple of occasions.
Lunch underway.
After the Lodge had closed well over 100 members and guest’s enjoyed an excellent lunch at the hall.
Article and Photgraphs Courtesy of Fred Lomax