Leyland De-fib training session
I suppose you could say this subject is a little personal for me.
My Father died of a fatal cardiac arrest at the age of 49.  I was 13 at the time.  Life was never the same again. My mum did her very best on her own, but life was a lot more difficult for my twin and I without my Dad, who we adored.
Easy to grab, and save a life
Things could have been different.
Paul Snape helps out again!
Cheryl Pickstock surrounded by Mark Men
If someone had been there to call an early ambulance, administer CPR, and then use an available de-fib machine, his chances would have gone up from 4% or less, to above a 75% chance of surviving the event. A vast improvement indeed.      60,000 people face the same odds every year!
Peter Connolly introduces Cheryl
Is that a Mark banner in the background?
With that help, he could still have been with us, and with my mum who is still going strong.  He could have seen us grow up, met his grand-daughters, met his great-grand-daughters, and bought me the odd pint.......
But none of that was ever to happen, because there was no-one there to help, with early CPR, a de-fib, and an ambulance on the way. His chances were 4%, but the 96% took him from us.
Cheryl Pickstock kindly attended to train us
John Bicknall gives it a go - so could you!
Now I just need to ask you all some questions. And they are important questions.
If this happened whilst you were out with your family, and they, or someone else needed your help, would you be able to help?  Would you know what to do?  Would your family know, if it were you, who needed help?
If the answer is no, then you really need to see one of the remaining de-fib familiarisation sessions at halls across the Province. You will be made really welcome by the Mark Degree, who have provided 23 machines, to the Masonic Halls who did not already possess one.
Paul Snape fails to save another dummy
Cheryl gave up her time for us - will you?
The sessions are at the following Masonic Halls:-
Friday 20th Feb              Warrington
Tues 24th Feb                     Garston
Thurs 12th March              Liverpool
Tues 17th March               Ormskirk
Mon 30th March                Urmston
All start at 6.30, and despite the fact that I have been to many of these sessions, I will hopefully see some of you (with your friends, family, Lodge-members and non-Masons) at most of these sessions.
After all, someone else's dad might need me.......or you!

Words and pictures from Giles Berkley