The Mark de-fib training comes to a great end at Urmston
Monday the 30th of March saw the last de-fib training session at the superbly refurbished Urmston Masonic Hall. Ian Nairn, Asst.Prov.GM was there to host the event, with Sara Harris from the NW Ambulance service showing us how to use the machine, and giving everyone the confidence to do so. 
Ian Nairn, Asst ProvGM, Sara Harris and Mike Adams
Ian, Sara & Special Representative Graham Bailey
Hall Secretary Dennis Tierney and Mike Tonge, WM and DC of Chorlton Mark
These machines are designed to be used by anyone - even without training. Sara made the point that all we are expected to do is open the box, follow the instructions and administer CPR - the machine does the rest, and talks you through the whole process. It even reminds you to call an ambulance!
Ian Nairn with Hall Chairman Austin Fletcher (ProvGJO designate!)
Austin Fletcher in charge of the new building
And seeking divine guidance!
The Group was well represented, by Chairman Mike Adams, his predecessor Brian Hayes, and Hall Chairman Austin Fletcher.  Austin has been instrumental in the refurbishment process of this hall, which has been an astonishing transformation.  The facilities are now first class, and are still ongoing in the basement, with further work planned. Austin's wife Linda deserves a medal for letting him spend so much time at the Hall, and supporting him all the way.
Sarah Harris did a superb job
Ian Nairn congratulates Sara
A packed room is made comfortable with the defib
Graham Bailey, the Prov.GM's Special Representative for the area greeted all the guests, and helped Giles pack up his things after - thanks Graham! The Craft publicity officer Eddie Wilkinson will publicise the event on the Craft websites, and the Craft Group Mentor Graham Jackson also supported the event, as did David Durling, past Craft Warden. The room was full of friends, enjoying themselves and learning how to save lives.
David Durling looks on to see if this one will survive!
Ken and Geraldine Alker came along to support
This was the culmination of the de-fib training, completed over 2 years, with visits to 18 Masonic Halls, over 600 people trained, and 23 machines placed in halls where they had not been provided previously. If you were ever in any doubt about the usefulness of your charitable giving, rest assured, this programme has already saved a life, and will go on to save many more over the years - a true legacy left to future Masons, and to the community in the areas where they are located. Brethren, you have Marked Well.
Two years of defib training comes to a conclusion
Words and pictures by Giles Berkley