A Grand Day Out for Iain
17th April 2015
The 2015 Installation meeting for Freshfield Mark Lodge proved to be a momentous occasion. This was going to be one of the last official functions in the calendar for our Provincial Grand Master and it was the first time in the chair of Adoniram for Bro. Iain Brown.
Peter Connolly congratulates Iain Brown and Alan Maudsley
Iain is a very keen and popular mason within the Southport Group so there was no shortage of support for him, when it came to the night. Nor was there any shortage of support for the Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Peter Connolly as no fewer than thirty five acting provincial officers were in attendance as well as the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro Keith Beardmore and Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro Ian Nairn.
Iain Brown and Alan Maudsley with senior Grand Officers of the Provincial team
Installing Master W.Bro Alan Maudsley conducted the ceremony of installation in an excellent manner, ably assisted by DC, W.Bro Mark Barton. One hundred and eight Brethren were present in the temple to witness the event.
Peter and Iain raise a glass to a very successful night.
After the ceremony ninety-eight of the Brethren sat down to a right royal banquet in the beautiful surroundings of the Scarborough Room at Southport Masonic Hall. The staff at the Hall produced a stunning meal of delicious mushroom soup followed by a very generous portion of Beef Wellington with seasonal vegetables rounded off with the Freshfield Lodge tradition of Port and Cheese Board. The ambience was enhanced by other Lodge traditions of candle lighting and Knocking of firing glasses to replace applause.
Peter Wall JW, V.W.Bro Peter Connolly, PGM, Iain Brown, WM, Alan Maudsley, IM, Harry Jones, SW
Provincial officers of the Installation team with Iain and Alan
Peter was toasted and thanked for the visionary leadership he had shown during his tenure. He, in turn, complimented the Installing Master and new Master on an excellent ceremony and wished Iain a successful and happy year. Iain in his reply to his toast thanked everyone from the newest Mark Mason there to the Provincial Grand Master for making the evening such an unforgettable one for him and for the Lodge. All who attended agreed that this was one of those very special occasions that will remain fondly in the memory for a very long time.
The Festive Board
Article and Photographs Courtesy of Paul Hardman