Glassey Act at Furness
The installation meeting of Furness Mark Lodge No 36, on Thursday 2nd April, saw Bill Glassey take the reins of the lodge. Amongst the onlookers at the meeting was the Provincial Junior Warden Tony Farrar who was representing the RW PGM.
Stuart Brackstone, Glyn Jones, Brian Davey, Tony Farrar, Geoff Bury,
Bill Glassey, Ken Jackson, Tony Harrison and Ken Boon.

The 60 people in attendance included a Past Deputy PGM in the person of Tony Harrison, special representative Stuart Brackstone and Provincial Senior Deacon Glyn Jones. There were three visiting WMs, Phil Preston of Jubilee Mark Lodge, Nigel Higginson of Garnett Mark Lodge and Ian Cameron who had made the trip round from Millom as WM of Duddon Mark Lodge in the neighbouring province of Cumberland and Westmorland. Bill is looking forward to visiting other Mark lodges and after 50 years in the transport industry he is confident he will be able to find his way around.
Ian Cottam, Tony Farrar and John Browne.
Outgoing WM John Browne conducted the first part of the ceremony before handing over to Ian Cottam who did an excellent job in completing the installation of Bill.
Stuart Brackstone, Phil Preston, Bill Glassey, Nigel Higginson and Ian Cameron.
Dave Sear delivered the address to the newly installed Master, Geoff Waters that to the Wardens, Bill Joughin followed up with the address to the Overseers whilst Tony Farrar was made to sing for his supper and gave the address to the Brethren. Lodge chaplain Keiron Mullan presented and explained the signification of the keystone jewel.
Ken Boon relaxing with senior deacon Darren Stainton.
The West Lancashire Mark Charity was the beneficiary of a donation of £500 handed over to Tony by Bill. The proceedings took place under the watchful eyes of Ken Boon and Bill Joughin, with Ken being DC and Bill his assistant for the first part of the ceremony before they changed roles with each other when the new team was appointed.
Keiron Mullan and Bill Glassey.
The Fairfield Suite at Barrow in Furness Masonic Hall was the setting for the installation banquet. The main course was braised beef which was very well received. As is a tradition of the lodge one of the dessert options was rice pudding with jam. The atmosphere at the dining tables was one which featured much chatter and laughter as befits a gathering of members of the friendly degree.
In his response to the toast to the Provincial Officers Tony Farrar paid tribute to all who had taken part in the ceremony or had helped arrange the evening but he made special mention of the fact that Tony Harrison had found time to come along as he understood he was “quite busy in another order.”
Wine Sir?
As treasurer of the hall committee Bill was keen to see plenty of money go over the bar. (Your correspondent did his best to oblige – either that or I was mugged as I woke up with a bad head and an empty wallet!)
Article and Photographs Courtesy of Dave Sear