Mark Provincial Team Lunch 2015
The last day of spring was damp and dull as members of the 2014/15 Mark Provincial Team made their way to Garstang for one last meeting. This meeting however was different because it was not an installation or festival, but Sunday lunch at Wyre Bank.  This was a social occasion, organised by Tony Farrar P.Prov. G.J.W, (many thanks go to Tony for organising such an excellent day).
This lunch was a chance for members of the provincial team to meet the wives and guests of other members of the team.  It was also a chance to reminisce over the past season.   Some team members even took time out to visit the Lodge Rooms at Wyre Bank.  In typical Masonic style everyone looked at the seating plan on arrival and then drinks before lunch.  Everyone was then was ushered into the dining room where they sat down for a most enjoyable meal.  In true Mark fashion there was fun and laughter all over the room. 
It would have been too intrusive to take too many photos so there are only a couple as a background to the excellent day.
When the meal was complete there were the usual toasts and just one reply. Then there was a sudden realization that it was now all over for the 2014/15 season.  Never have the words of the ‘farewell strain’ ever been so appropriate. ‘Happy to meet’; many of the team did not know each other at the beginning of last season, but as the season went on, a happy comradely grew and friendships were formed. ‘Sorry to part’; Sunday 31st May would be the last time most of the members would be together as a team.  Instead of asking, “Will you be at this or that meeting in a couple of weeks”, most now will only meet occasionally in the future.  ‘Happy to meet again’, these occasions will be a chance to rekindle friendships formed during their season as acting officers of the 2014/15 Provincial Mark Team. 
The 2014/15 Provincial Mark Team wish the Acting Officers of the 2015/16 Mark Team all the very best and hope that you have as much fun as we did.
Words and Pictures by Derek Gaskell