Philadelphia Mark and RAM Installation
The combined meeting took place on Monday 12th January and commenced with the Royal Ark Marine, meeting in the afternoon. We were honoured with the presence of V. W. Bro. Michael Clarke P.G.J.O. Asst. P.G.M.
John Myers I.P.C Congratulates
V.W.Bro. Michael Clarke, David Smith W.C.
David Smith new W.C.
& John Myers I.P.C.
Alan Foster IPM Congratulates
A Trio of Wardens
Andrew Whittle the new WM
The new Worshipful Commander David E. Smith was installed in a most competent manner by his predecessor W. Bro. John Myers.
The Ex’s
The New Boys
A Trio of D.C’s
The Senior Trio
It was then a quick change of Ties and Regalia for the Mark meeting, in the early evening. The lodge was opened in due form, V. W. Bro Clarke, Grand Lodge Officers and Acting Provincial Grand Officers then processed into the lodge. W. Bro Alan Foster then proceeded to install his successor W. Bro. Andrew Whittle into the chair of Adoniram in an excellent ceremony which included the Working Tools and the Address to the W. M. The Provincial Wardens then gave the Addresses to the Wardens (W. Bro Arthur Robinson) and the Overseers (W.Bro Tony Farrar) and finally the Address to the Brethren V. W. Bro. Michael Clarke.
V.W.Bro. Michael Clarke Delivers his good news
The New Wardens Tony and Andrew
The Lodge was closed in harmony and every proceeded to the dining room for a well  earned meal.
It has been the tradition for many years at the Philadelphia Installation festive board for the P. G. M. or his representative to announce the names of the new Provincial Wardens for the ensuing year. Which V. W. Bro Clarke did. So I expect you will want to know who they are. Well our own new W. M. W. Bro Andrew Whittle (Corinthian Mark 1052) is to be the Senior Warden and Tony Cross (Bispham & Norbreck Mark 866) the Junior Warden. I am sure all the brethren of Philadelphia Mark congratulate them on their honours and wish them a very happy and exciting year.
The Wardens Designate Tony Cross (JW) and Andrew Whittle (SW)
Article and Photographs Courtesy of Tony Shaw