Double Advancement at Red Rose Mark Lodge 1594

At the meeting of Red Rose Lodge on the 26th January 2015, two new members were advanced into the Mark Degree. The WM led by example in delivering an excellent ceremony ably supported by his officers. The occasion was enjoyed by all present, and particularly by the new members Bros. Alan Johnston and John Bimpson.

The Lodge welcomed the support of two Grand Officers for this special occasion. Standing left to right are W. Bro Malcolm Currie PGJD, new member Bro. John Bimpson, WM Bro Rick Woolley, new member Bro. Alan Johnston and W. Bro. Geoff Catterall PGStwd.
Can you remind me of the password again? The WM , John and Alan are joined by hardworking Deacons, Bro, Ken Wilson SD on the left and W. Bro. David Webster JD on the right.  
Not to be outdone, and having discharged their special duties with a great deal of skill, the SW Bro.Chris Baxendale on the right and JW, Bro. Brian Sharples on the left, joined the WM, in congratulating John and Alan.
Article courtesy of Ray Pye and Photographs by Chris Reeman