Ridgmont Mark were delighted to welcome V.W. Bro. Michael Clarke P.G.J.O. Asst. P.G.M. as their principal guest at their installation. Accompanied by Grand and Acting Provincial Officers.
W. Bro. John Dawber congratulates new W.M. David Boylin
V.W. Bro. Michael Clarke congratulates W. M David Boylin with W.Bro. John Dawber
 and Special Rep. V.W. Bro. Paul Snape
Members of the Provincial team Congratulate  W.M. David Boylin
The ceremony was admirably performed by W. Bro. John Dawber and W. Bro. Peter Schofield. Who in the absence of the current W. M. conducted the ceremony of  installing Bro. David Boylin as W.M. With only a few days notice.
A Toast to the W.M.
W.Bro. Michael Clarke replies to his toast
Is W. Bro. John Dawber giving the toast to the W.M.
or complaining that V.W. Bro. Paul Snape has pinched his parking space again
An excellent presentation of the Keystone Jewel was given by W.Bro. Jack Ward P.Pr.G.J.W. with equally good addresses as follows. The address to the W.M. by W. Bro. Ken Ryding P.G.Std.B.  The Overseers by W. Bro. Peter Schofield P.Pr.G.J.W.  and the Working Tools by W. Bro. John Richardson P.Pr.G.Insp.of Wrks.  
W.M. David Boylin replies
After the installation ceremony the W.M. invited V.W. Bro. Clarke to present Grand lodge Certificates to the two newest members of the lodge Bro. Adrian Butterworth and Bro. Ray Goth. The evening was round off with an excellent meal and a really friendly and happy festive board.
Article and Photographs Courtesy of Tony Shaw