An Evening of International Cuisine
23th October 2015
The Worshipful Commander of Ridgmont Royal Ark Mariner Lodge Bro. Peter Beamish hosted the 3rd Annual International Night held at Horwich Masonic Hall on Friday 23rd October. This splendid evening was attended by over sixty people intent on enjoying an evening of International Cuisine.
Flags of the world courtesy of Peter Connolly
The Worshipful Commander on welcoming the guests made a special mention of the organisers W.Bro. Peter Schofield and his wife Kath and their able assistant W.Bro. John Dawber, also present were members of Ridgmont Mark Lodge and Viscount Leverhulme Allied Council.
Malcolm Timms and his wife Sidney arriving from foreign shores.
The guest list included the Past Provincial Grand Master Peter Connolly and his wife Lynne. Peter being a Vexillologist supplied flags which bedecked the banquet hall giving the evening a real International feel.
John Dawber and his wife Pat
After grace W.Bro. Peter Schofield gave a short description of the first dish:
Russian Borscht Soup with Cheese Crouton
Served with warm roll and butter which is a soup of Ukrainian origin. Arguably the most famous of all Beetroot Soups, Borscht makes the perfect winter warmer and is healthy to boot. The second course:
Cypriot Wild Mushrooms Stuffed with Feta Cheese and Oregano on a bed of fresh Rocket Leaves.
The origin of this very popular dish from the Island of Cyprus was explained by W.Bro.John Dawber. The main course:
Moroccan Lamb with Couscous with vegetables.
The main Moroccan dish most people are familiar with is "couscous" the old national delicacy. Lamb is usually eaten in a "Tagine" with a wide selection of vegetables and spices. Lamb is used since Moroccan sheep breeds store most of their fat in their tails, so it does not have the pungent flavour that Western Lamb or Mutton have. The explanation as to its origin by W.Bro. Peter Schofield. Next came the Dessert:
Black Forest Gateaux with Fresh Cream. 
Black Forest Gateaux or as it is called in Germany "Schwarzaider Kirschtorte" is a chocolate cake soaked in cherry schnapps "Kirshwasser" and filled with whipped cream, cherries and chocolate shavings The cake is named after the Black Forest Area in Germany and features one of its main crops cherries. The explanation of its origin contained some difficult pronunciation and was ably explained by W.Bro. John Dawber.
On the Piano:   Martin Brownlow
As if enough food had not been consumed we were then treated to an extensive cheese board complimented by different relish and olives.
To round off the meal Tea or Coffee and mints.
Peter Beamish presents a prize to quiz winner Hena Quine
Throughout the meal a quiz was held the winner being Hena Quine.
All evening much to the enjoyment of all present piano music was provided by W.Bro. Martin Brownlow.
After Returning Thanks a raffle was run by the ever capable Bro. Derek Bennett.
Waiting for Cheese
At the conclusion of the evening the Worshipful Commander thanked everyone for their attendance and presented W.Bro. Peter Schofield with a bottle of fine Malt Whisky.
Enjoying the Cheese
In reply Peter Schofield thanked Peter Beamish for the whisky and reminded everyone of the Lancashire Night to be held on November 27th and the Chinese New Year Celebration to be held at Ridgmont on Friday February 12th 2016
Report by our Northern Culture and Food Correspondent, Photos courtesy of Peter Schofield