Semper Fidelis RAM Installation
12th November 2015
When I went home after being installed in the Chair of Semper Fidelis RAM Lodge, and proudly announced to my wife Sandra that I was now Commander of all I surveyed, she told me to sit down, be quiet, and no, I couldn't have the remote control for the telly was nice while it lasted.
It all began a few hours earlier.
Semper Fidelis RAM Lodge meets at the wonderful Fleetwood Masonic Hall, and we have only 18 members, which on the day of Installation was swelled by many visitors from all over the Province. Our Principal Guest was none other than our Provincial Grand Master, Keith Beardmore, accompanied by his Deputy PGM Geoffrey Lee, and Mark Assistants Michael Clarke and Ian Nairn.
Joe O'Brien installed Giles magnificently
Treasurer Harry Cox with Almoner Steve Clarke
Ian Nairn practises as Son Shem
Naturally, David Emmerson, Provincial DC, and the 2 Mark Wardens Andy Whittle and Tony Cross came as well, so there was quite a bit of pressure on Joe O'Brien who had to do most of the work at the Installation!  Jimmy Rogers and Harry Cox, our Scribe and Treasurer, took care of all the preparations admirably, and Tony Hough our DC drilled us until we got it right! Thanks to them all.
Joe O'Brien surrounded by Mark Assistants!
New JW John Whitley with Geoff Lee
Powerhouse of the Lodge, Scribe Jimmy Rogers
Joe performed absolutely splendidly, as we all knew he would, having seen him perform a faultless elevation ceremony in his year. Joe always brings his own particular brand of humour to his work, which is greatly appreciated in his Mark and RAM Lodges.  He could not have done better - the praise from everyone was loud and sincere. 
Both the Mark Wardens! Tony Cross and Andy Whittle
Greg Grove and Harry Cox
Alan Fairhurst, David Britton, Terry Murtagh and DC Tony Hough
I cannot tell you what happened in the Inner Workings, but I can tell you it was an absolutely wonderful experience, and anyone thinking of going into the Chair of their RAM Lodge should press on and get there - you will love it!  The RAM Degree is such a colourful and fun Degree, it dovetails really well with the Mark Degree, and I urge anyone who has not yet joined to take the plunge!
Son Shem and Son Japheth before the storm....
Provincial Chaplain Stephen Leach
Terry West & Howard Emmett in support
All the work in Lodge was exemplary, and Michael Clarke performed a new address for the first time, which really added to the proceedings - watch out for it at an Installation near you in the near future.
Peter Weller, what a great supporter he is!
Dudley Newiss, always there to help
What a colourful Order !
The Festive Board was the usual mix of great food (Gammon and chips!) and great speeches by the PGM and Joe O'Brien.  My speech was mainly thanks to everyone who took part, to make this a truly special and memorable day for the Lodge and myself. It was good to hear we have at least 2 candidates for the coming year, so the new team will all have some work to do!  Long may it continue at Semper Fidelis.
A proud moment for Giles, and the Lodge
Words and pictures by Giles Berkley, new Worshipful Commander (but not of the telly remote)