Temperance Mark Lodge Installation
6th January 2015
Temperance is only a relatively small Mark Lodge, but they really do make their guests feel welcome, especially Tony Farrar, the Prov.GJW who was representing the PGM at the Installation ceremony.  Once we found the Lodge room in the depths of Hope Street, we were treated to a wonderful ceremony by Jack Poller who installed his successor Peter Brown in fine style.
Steve Walls, Tony Farrar, Howard Emmet
Prov.GJW jewel, polished brightly
& Mike Winterbottom
Firm friends and Lodge mates Howard & Tony
Howard Emmett & Giles Berkley - Past ProvGSWs
Secretary Bryan Humphries addressed the WM and did the jewel address, Giles Berkley addressed the Wardens, and Tony Farrar of course addressed the Brethren and overworked DC Geoff Gill addressed the Overseers. Steve Walls, the Asst G DC of England only acted in a decorative role, with his chain shining like a beacon!  Mike Winterbottom had the wonderful job of explaining the Grand Lodge Certificate for Bro John Karran, who later became Senior Overseer - rapid promotion indeed.  Gary Smith seemed delighted (and a little surprised) to be appointed JO - he only came in just over a year ago, when Giles Berkley, Peter Hegarty and Peter Connolly took part in the ceremony! Justin Lewis moved up to ADC - watch out Geoff Gill!  Geoff performed so many jobs that it was hard to keep track - DC, Almoner, Chaplain, and one of the addresses - Geoff, you are a star!
Jack Poller did a wonderful job of
Justin and Gary with their mentor,
installing his successor
Treasurer Les Moore
Better than an Oscar?
Justin Lewis, Geoff Gill & Gary Smith
After a wonderful ceremony, we went into the magnificent Egyptian room to dine in fine style. Tony Farrar entertained us after dinner, and mentioned the Fun Day at Leyland on June 28th at Leyland, the Mark website (which is brilliant!), the celebration of Peter Connolly's reign as PGM on March the 6th, and the Liverpool Festival on Feb 19th.
Tony Farrar entertains after dinner!
New WM Peter Brown -
proud to accept this honour
Mike Winterbottom, Special Representative of the PGM
Tyler Emmanuel Santangeli
closes a great night for all
Jack Poller spoke very well about Peter Brown, and asked that the Lodge try to get him a candidate for his year - after all, Peter has waited many years to get in the Chair.  Peter responded with the fact that he has been a Mark Mason for 36 years, and thanked the many Mark men from the Fylde for supporting him. Being an organist, it is often hard for such talented brethren to attain the Chair, so he kept it secret this time - and it worked!
John Karran welcomed the guests superbly, and Eddie Casey replied, thanking the Lodge for a great ceremony, great food, and of course great friendship, as ever at Temperance. We all agreed wholeheartedly, even after Lodge Treasurer and solid Lodge supporter Les Moore relieved us of our dues.......
We will all no doubt be back again to visit this great Lodge - thanks for the welcome!

Words and pictures by Giles Berkley