Warrington De-fib Session a Great Success
Friday the 20th of February saw a packed room, at Warrington Masonic Hall, to receive a refresher course on the de-fib machine donated by the Mark Degree.  Eric Drinkwater (Special Representative for the Mark Area, and also Hall Chairman) and his wife Tegwen, were there to meet and greet the large group of masons, non-masons and staff who attended. Vice Chairman Andy Barton also attended to support the event, with staff members David Harding and Joanne Hayes there to learn.
Eric Drinkwater, Joanne Hayes, David Harding & Tegwen Drinkwater
Clearing the airway
Janet Graham from the NW Ambulance Service reminded us all about the important points - principally that survival rates if shocked within 2 minutes are 75 to 90%.  Without CPR and a de-fib machine, the chances of survival drop by 10% per minute......with ambulances targeting a response time of 8 minutes, 80 % of your chances are already gone......
Early CPR saves lives
Janet reminded us of the Doctor's ABC   -  or  -  DRSABC
don't become a casualty yourself, look for danger  
does the victim respond to gentle shaking and your voice?  
for help and the nearest de-fib - send someone whilst CPR starts  
open it by tilting the head back  
are they breathing normally?  Not in a groaning or abnormal way  
start compressions,  
Send someone to call for an ambulance, and state that the victim is not responsive or breathing.
Then just open the de-fib and follow the instructions!  All these machines will lead you through the placement of the pads, continued CPR, and when to step back if it senses a shock is needed - you can't hurt someone who does not need a shock.   The machine is really intended to help anyone through the process, even without training - a wonder of modern science.
A fascinated crowd looks on
Janet Graham trains Eric Drinkwater
Then continue following the machine until the ambulance crew arrives, or the patient recovers and becomes responsive and is breathing more normally. Leave the pads in position - the patient could deteriorate again. 
And Vice Chairman Andy Barton
Many stayed on to try the dummies
Don't ever forget that this person, who is not breathing, and is unresponsive, without your help, is already dead. You really can make the difference if you just have a try.....and this person could be your wife, brother, even your child. Or it could be you..........
This is good experience - have a go!
Hall Chairman Eric thanks Janet Graham
The more of us who are aware of what to do in these dire circumstances, the better - so please take full advantage of the remaining sessions, at Garston 24th Feb, at Liverpool 12th March, Ormskirk 17th March and the final session at Urmston on the 30th of March. They all start at 6.30, and the Mark Degree has not only provided the de-fibrillators, but also provides free tea, coffee & biscuits!
Vick and Andy are proud of their museum
And Vick gives Giles a guided tour!
60,000 people per annum suffer cardiac arrests in the UK - will you spare an hour or so to make sure you can help if needed?  I urge you to do so.
Words and pictures by Giles Berkley