Bootle Lodge of MMM No 478
On 28th Oct I was privileged to represent the PGM at Bootle Lodge of MMM No.478.
A wonderful Lodge with a happy band of members.
I was accompanied (Chauffeur) by the W.M. of Morecambe Mark Lodge Bro. Frank Heath.
We witnessed an excellent Installation by the Installing Officer W.Bro. Barry Hesketh PGStdB. I must Compliment W.Bro. Hesketh who only had 3 hours notice as W.Bro. B. Jones was unable to attend duo to last minute work commitments. W.Bro. Hesketh Installed Bro. Ian Robert MacKinnon in exemplary fashion.
Bro. Ian, being Advanced in April 2018, took the Chair of Adoniram with confidence.
This confidence no doubt comes from being Litherland Masonic Hall Chairman and a member of a number of Craft Lodges. I was also pleased to be accompanied by two Acting Officers W.Bro. Christopher S. Walls PrGMO and W.Bro. Ian G. S. Beckett PrGSD (The Lodge Treasurer)
W.Bro Walls assisting Bootle Lodge by giving both Addresses to the Wardens and Overseers, myself giving the Address to the Brethren.
Compliments to the Hall's Caterers, the food at the Festive Board was excellent. For those dining, it was happy and very enjoyable occasion. During the speeches Bro. Frank Heath took the opportunity to present to the Lodge and the W/Master with The Provincial Travelling Key Stone.
On accepting this the W/Master thanked Bro. Frank and informed us all he already had it earmarked for its onward journey.
Over the years Bootle Mark Lodge have experienced difficulties in attracting membership. Hopefully with the assistance of the Province the future of the Lodge will be maintained, I wish them well and all the success with the project.
Words and pictures by Geoffrey M. Bury PGJD