Prescot MMM 903 Installation Monday 25th February 2019
I was able to present at the installation ceremony on Monday 25th February 2018 at Prescot Masonic Hall when W. Bro. Brother Norman A. Stringfellow PGSD was installed in the chair of the lodge for the third time, the previous occasions being 1983, 1999 and now 2019.
The Lodge room was full of both members and visiting brethren which was mark of the high regard W. Bro Norman was held. W. Bro Norman was the Senior Deacon when I personally was advanced into this wonderful degree as a member of Queensway MMM 1331. The long and short of it as we say.
The installing master on this occasion was W. Bro Leslie F. Norton the IPM and Provincial Almoner, as the Worshipful Master was unavailable. He was installed in a splendid ceremony and the Keystone Jewel was presented and the explanation given a faultless manner by W. Bro Ged Paton the current secretary. The addresses were delivered by W. Bro Ged Paton to the master, to the wardens by VW bro Michael Clarke, and to the overseers by W. Bro David Fairclough. The Provincial Grand Master representative on this occasion was VW Bro Ian D. Nairn PGSO Assistant PGM who delivered the address to the brethren.
We retired to the festive board where we treated to a splendid meal and at the end of the festivities the new Worshipful Master was presented with the Travelling Keystone by members of Prince of Wales MMM. The presenting team consisted of the Master - Brian Rafferty, Senior Warden - Bro Norman Lay.  Also present were Trevor Price (Secretary), Dave Burgess (ADC), Dave Rigby (DC), Brian Honey PM, David Emmerson (PAGDC) all in all it was splendid evening well attended.
Words and pictures by David Richards