Deputy Special Representatives
Brother Keith Alan Beardmore, the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, has appointed Deputy Special Representatives (DSRs) until Provincial Grand Lodge on Thursday 2nd May 2024, when they will be reappointment an annual basis until Provincial Grand Lodge in 2027.
The Role
The role of the (DSRs) is to liaise with, and to assist their designated Special Representative (SRs) as necessary. Which includes recruitment and retention of members as a priority.
Lodges are reminded that they should be encouraged, in accordance with your SRs and DSRs to promote the provincial recruitment resources, such as ‘The Magic of the Mark’ and ‘9 Reasons to Become a Royal Ark Mariner’.
Visiting Protocol
The SRs and DSRs will be making regular visits to all Mark Lodges and Royal Ark Mariner Assemblies under the care of each SR.
SRs and DSRs should be invited to a Lodge meetings or Royal Ark Mariner Assemblies when a “Chain” is attending and on Provincial Team Visits.
In the absence of the SR at Installation meetings the DSR should be seated to the immediate right of the R.W.PGM’s Installation Representative, at the Festive Board. In the Lodge or Royal Ark Mariner Assembly, at ordinary meetings’ Festive Boards the DSR when not representing the SR, should sit wherever his rank affords him.
A full list of those The Provincial Grand Master has been pleased to appoint as Deputy Special Representatives can be found on this link
This News item can be downloaded as a 'pdf' along the full list of Special Representatives and thier Deputies by clicking on this Link

W. Bro. Kevin Chicken

Provincial Grand Secretary