'The Travelling Keystone'

At the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting held in Southport in May 2011, W.Bro. Ian Nairn P.G.J.D., Assistant Provincial Grand Master, presented the Province with the "travelling Keystone".

To claim the Keystone a Lodge must be represented by a minimum of six Brethren which must include the Master and at least one Warden.

If two Lodges visit and qualify, the Lodge with the largest party wins.

If they both have the same number in their party then it's the Lodge which has traveled furthest.

After the Provincial meeting W.Bro. Jimmy Rogers P.Prov.G.S.O, secretary of Cleveleys Mark Lodge No 1176, approached W.Bro. Nairn and informed him that the Master of Cleveleys Mark Lodge was in attendance, accompanied by his Junior Warden and eight other Brethren and 'claimed' the Keystone.

The Keystone made its first appearance at Cleveleys Mark Lodge in September 2011 and was proudly displayed by the Master, Bro John Whitley (see photo - 'It's mine').

One visiting Master on that evening, Bro Leon Tax of Semper Fidelis Mark Lodge No 880, was heard to say when leaving, "I'll be back" and true to his word returned on Tuesday 10th January 2012 accompanied by his Senior Warden, Bro Mike Casey and six other Brethren. Needless to say, Leon claimed his prize (see photo '1176-880'). I wonder how long they will have it for! Jimmy Rogers