W.Bro. Eric Drinkwater P.G.J.O.

Worshipful Brother Eric Drinkwater P.G.J.O. is the
Provincial Grand Master’s Special Representative for the
Warrington and Widnes Group, which also includes
St. Helens and Prescot Mark and RAM Lodges.
Eric, much to his delight was a Grand Steward in June
2004, promoted to Grand Junior Deacon 2009 and again
to P.G.J.O. in 2014. He is heavily involved with the West
Lancashire Grand Stewards Mess, which meets twice a year.
A spring meeting, usually a dinner, with just the Grand
Stewards, and the summer gathering with their wives
also.   This summer gathering can either be an evening
dinner, or as happened recently, a weekend away.
He is also Chairman the Warrington Masonic Hall, and is
very appreciative of his Board members, for all their help
and support.  
But what about his life away from Freemasonry.  
Married to Tegwen, they have two daughters.  Kate (a lawyer) and Sara (a medical doctor), and two
Grandchildren, Henry aged 4 years and Tilly who is 12 weeks old.  Henry spends many happy hours with
Taid, (Welsh for Grandpa), riding in the tractor or the JCB doing jobs, or mending fences on Taid’s farm.
They also enjoy having to take Toby (a very large, soft black Labrador), for long walks in the fields, and
they also enlist Nain, (Granny), on these walks.  We are just waiting for Tilly to be old enough to put on
her overalls, and to join in the fun!
Eric also owns a telecommunications company.  The company acquires sites, on behalf of major Telecom
companies, to erect the masts for mobile phone companies, complete with the aerials and cabinets, to
enable you to use your mobile phone.
He has held a PPL(H) for several years, and in his spare (?) time, enjoys flying his helicopter around the
country, with his family and friends.
He is also a very enthusiastic DIY person, who can turn his hand to most things. Tegwen says this is fine,
but wishes he could finish one job completely before starting the next, but all the unfinished jobs only
seems to be completed when they move house, and as they have only moved three times in forty six years,
you can see that is not often!
The whole family have spent many happy times on the Lleyn Peninsula, (North Wales), sailing, windsurfing,
water skiing and fishing. Their daughters still count sailing as one of their main outdoor activities, and Sara
also enjoys running half marathons…..a sport which Eric has never embarked on! Tegwen enters the ‘Race
for Life’ every year in Chester, but that is only 5k, which she says is enough for her.
Eric is very grateful to Tegwen for all the help and support she gives him, in everything that he does.