Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro. Giles F. Berkley, P.G.J.D.
In the Craft, Giles was initiated in 1995  into Peace & Unity Lodge No3966 at Cleveleys, he served as Charity Steward for 4 yrs, and ADC for 2 yrs and was installed in the Chair of King Solomon in March 2003. His first Provincial rank was Provincial Grand Steward in 2005, and then Provincial Junior Grand Warden in 2007.  he went on to be Group Secretary of North Fylde from 2009 to 2011. He is a member of Quingenti Lodge of Provincial Grand Stewards and a member of Senatores Lodge of Installed Masters.
Giles attained Grand rank of PAGDC in April 2011, and he was the
Provincial Mentoring Co-ordinator in Craft & RA from 2011to 2018
In Chapter, he was exalted in 1997 into Peace & Unity Chapter No3966 at Blackpool, and was First Principal in 2006. he attained the rank of Provincial Grand Steward in 2010, and is a Member of the Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter, and a Member of Senatores Lodge of Installed First Principals
In the Mark Degree, Giles was advanced in 2004 into Bispham-with-Norbreck Lodge No866, and was
Installed as WM in February 2011, and served as ADC for 5 years.
Provincial Grand Senior Warden 2013-14
Organiser of the Mark Ball for 5 years
Member of Philadelphia Mark Lodge 2012
Member of Adoniram Mark Lodge 2013, WM 2019
Member of Unity Mark No544  2013
Member of Lebanon TI, Autumn 2014,  WM 4.4.2016
Grand Steward June 7th 2016  to 13th June 2017
Member of Grand Stewards Lodge December 2016
Assistant Prov.GM for West Lancashire  May 3rd 2017
Past Grand Junior Deacon on 10th September 2019
Royal Ark Mariners
Elevated 2009 into Adoniram Lodge No552
Member Semper Fidelis Lodge No880 WCdr 2015/16
Knights Templar
Installed 2008 into the Jacques De Molay Preceptory No36 at
Liverpool.  Appointed to Provincial Bodyguard 2010
Eminent Preceptor in March 2014
Provincial rank of Past Provincial Registrar in 2018
Korc Degree
Member of The Alt at Ormskirk 2008
Founder Member of The Wyre 2010
Currently Navigating Lieutenant
Organiser of the annual Korc Ball at Fleetwood
Giles is married to Sandra, with twin daughters Elizabeth & Joanne with grand-daughters Chloe and Amelia, and step-son Ryan, grand-daughter Ella, grandson Riley. He is a Graduate in Economics, Banking & Finance, now MD and owner of  Silverfield Ltd since 1994, an aerospace metal treatment facility at Poulton-le-Fylde.  Worldwide customers include: BAe Systems, Airbus, Bombardier, and Lockheed Martin.
Giles lists his Interests and Hobbies :-
His family, especially my grandchildren, Freemasonry! Various charity involvements, Golf (10 handicap),
Astronomy, Music of all types, Confirmed in the Church of England & Gardening
Previous Assistant Provincial Grand Masters
1955 Colonel J. Munroe Gornall, T.D., D.L., P.G.O.
1964 Kenneth Maxwell Stoddart, LL.D., P.G.S.O.
1967 James Reginald Leggate, D.S.O., P.G.M.O.
1910 Louis S. Winslow, P.G.O.
1913 George A. Harradon, P.G.Treasurer
1920 Mark Wilkinson, P.G.O.
1927 Major Allen Maitland Pooley, T.D., P.G.O., P.G.M.O.
1936 W.A.Winder, P.G.O.
1944 J.F.W.Dixon, P.G.O.
1947 Harold Brooke Mack, P.G.W.
1964 Colonel J. Munroe Gornall, T.D., D.L., P.G.O.
1967 Kenneth Maxwell Stoddart, K.C.V.O., A.E., D.L., LL.D., J.P.
1973 James Reginald Leggate, D.S.O.
1983 Revd. Jack Jermy, P.G.Chaplain
1988 Dr. Brian Bennett Ratcliffe, P.G.Stwd.
1991 Anthony Walton, P.A.G.D.C.
1993 Dr. Bernard Gregory, P.G.M.O.
2005 Peter Connolly, G.M.O.
2007 James Anthony Harrison, P.G.S.D.
2010 Michael John Clarke, P.G.J.O.
2011 Ian Douglas Nairn, P.G.J.O.