Deputy Provincial Grand Master VW Bro. Geoffrey H Lee P.G.J.O.
Geoff was initiated into New Hall Lodge No. 5940
meeting at Leyland on the 16th November 1966,
and was installed as Master in January 1983.
He joined Coronation Lodge No. 3479 at Blackburn
in 1998 was master in 2004 and served as
District Representative from 2008 until 2011.
Upon the amalgamation of the Lodge New Hall
Lodge in 2006 he became a member of Carnarvon
Lodge No. 3479, also at Leyland until he resigned
in 2011.
He is an active member of the Internet Lodge No.
9659 having joined in 2009 and makes the most of
getting his passport out whenever he can to jet off
to their meetings which are held all over the world.
It was 2009 that saw him joining Old Blackburnian Lodge No. 7933.
He was appointed to a Grand Rank of P. Asst. G. Reg. in 1995 and promoted to P.J.G.D. in 2008.
In The Royal Arch he was exalted into Leyland Chapter No. 4249 at Leyland in 1971 and became Z in 1985. A founder of Withy Chapter No. 7733 also at Leyland in 1993, and joined Cathedral Chapter No. 7814, Blackburn joining in 2004. Appointed to Prov. Asst G. Soj. in 1990, Acting G. Reg. in 1994 and P. Prov. G. Scribe Nehemiah in 1996. and received his Grand Rank of P. G. Std. Br. in 2008.
In Rose Croix Geoff is a member of Leyland Chapter No. 528 being admitted in 1972 was Most Wise Sovereign in 1984, received the 30th Degree in 1986 and 31st degree in 2007. He was a founder of Lancastria Rose Croix No 1181 in 2007.
In the Mark degree Geoff was advanced into New Temple Lodge No. 1438 at Chorley in 1977 and Installed as Master in 1988. He Is Secretary of Adoniram Mark No. 552 having joined in 1995.
Appointed to Prov. G. Reg. in 1994, P. Prov. J. G. W. in 2002 and became Provincial Grand Secretary in 2010. Grand Mark honoured Geoff with Acting Grand Steward in 2009 and he was promoted to Acting Grand Junior Deacon in 2012. He joined Grand Stewards Lodge in 2009.
He was invested s Deputy Provincial Grand Master on Wednesday 6th May 2015.
As a Mariner Geoff was elevated into Morecambe RAM No. 716 in 1993, and was a founder of Leyland RAM No. 1002. He left Morecambe in 1998 but rejoined in 2002, was Commander in 2007 and is now treasurer.
He is P. Provincial Secretary in the RAM, and a member of Adoniram RAM No. 552 meeting at Liverpool.
In the order of Secret Monitor, Geoff was inducted in 2002 and took the chair in 2010 and became Provincial Registrar in 2012.
Geoff was installed as a Knight of the Temple in Prince Albert Preceptory No 34 at Ormskirk in 1980 and was Preceptor in 1995 and currently Prior. He was appointed to Provincial Rank in 2000 and to Great Priory in 2008 where he is Past Great Warden of Regalia.
The Order of St Thomas of Acon admitted Geoff as a member into John O’Gaunt Chapel No.3 at Leyland in 2004, Geoff is currently Prior and in 2009 he was a founder of Sir Ranulf  de Glanville No. 84 meeting at Fleetwood where he is Treasurer. He was appointed to the rank of Grand Doorkeeper in December 2014.
‘Kork’ or H.Sec Korcurom Mag.Brit sees Geoff as a member at Ormskirk and Blackpool.
In 1986 Geoff was appointed as a member of the Management Committee of Leyland Masonic Hall Committee, Chairman in 1990, and President in 1991. He became Chief Executive in 1996. He has served on the boards of Wellington Park Leyland Ltd, Wellington Park 2000 Ltd and is the Chairman of Leyland Masonic Properties Ltd at this time.
Geoff could not be the committed Mason he is without the support of his 'Lady Marion', married for 46 years, they have two children, Chris and Amanda. You can see the glint in Geoff's eye when he is with his two Grandchildren Abigail and Edward.
Geoff is a Solicitor who also has many and varied business interests. His office on Hough Lane in Leyland is now the home of the West Lancashire Mark Provincial Office.
In his spare time, (yes he does have some time left), Geoff has spent many hours flying his light aircraft, no doubt avoiding the type of mayhem all over the roads he used to enjoy causing when towing his caravan around the UK.
In more recent times he has taken to spending time at his static caravan in North Lancashire. With a view over Morecambe Bay Geoff relaxes and lets the world try to catch him up!
Previous Deputy Provincial Grand Masters
1910 Louis S. Winslow, P.G.O.
1913 George A. Harradon, P.G.Treasurer
1920 Mark Wilkinson, P.G.O.
1927 Major Allen Maitland Pooley, T.D., P.G.O., P.G.M.O.
1936 W.A.Winder, P.G.O.
1944 J.F.W.Dixon, P.G.O.
1947 Harold Brooke Mack, P.G.W.
1964 Colonel J. Munroe Gornall, T.D., D.L., P.G.O.
1967 Kenneth Maxwell Stoddart, K.C.V.O., A.E., D.L., LL.D., J.P.
1973 James Reginald Leggate, D.S.O.
1983 Revd. Jack Jermy, P.G.Chaplain
1988 Dr. Brian Bennett Ratcliffe, P.G.Stwd.
1991 Anthony Walton, P.A.G.D.C.
1993 Dr. Bernard Gregory, P.G.M.O.
2005 Peter Connolly, G.M.O.
2007 James Anthony Harrison, P.G.S.D.
2011 Keith Alan Beardmore P.G.J.O.