Below is a list of Lodges who have been presented with the Travelling Keystone
May 2011 ~ Stone presented by W.Bro. Ian Nairn Asst. Prov. G. Master at Southport
May 2011 ~ Cleveleys Mark Lodge No 1176, Claim the Stone following Provincial Meeting.
Jan 2012 ~ Semper Fidelis Mark Lodge No 880 Claim the Stone at a regular meeting.
May 2012 ~ Lathom Mark Lodge No 268 Presented to Alan Foster to mark his high number
of Mark Visits 54 at that point in the year.
September 2012 ~ University of Liverpool Mark Lodge  No 1062.
February 2013 ~ Friendship Mark Lodge No 1549.
March 2013 ~ Ormskirk Mark Lodge 734
January 2014 ~ Garnett Mark 146
November 2015 ~ Aeon Mark 1312  
PGL 24th April 2018 Presented to W.Bro. Steve Hallam Leyland Mark 1002
20th September 2018 Presented to W.Bro. Don Hesketh at Lawrence Mark 313 Story here
19th November 2018 Presented to W.Bro. David Whitmore at Charity Mark 935 Story here
26th November 2018 Presnted to W.Bro. Ken Wilson at Red Rose Mark 1594 Story here
12th December 2018 Presented to W.Bro. Malcolm Bell at Rose and Thistle 158 Story here
5th Janaury 2019 Presented to W.Bro. WH McMath at Murray Lodge of MMM No 49 Story Here
19th February 2019 Presented to W.Bro. TB Rafferty at Prince of Wales Mark No 466 Story here
25th February 2019 Presented to W.Bro. NA Stingfellow at Prescot Mark No 903 Story here
4th October 2019 Presented to W.Bro. B. Benn at Jubilee Mark, No 375 Story here
14th October 2019 Presented to W.Bro. F. Heath at Morecambe Mark, No 716 Story Here
28th October 2019 Presented to W.Bro. Ian Robert MacKinnon at Bootle Mark, No 478 Story Here
14th November 2019 Presented to W.Bro. Frank Umbers at Ormskirk Mark, No 734 Story Here
4th February 2020 Presented to W.Bro. Stan Martin at Fermor Lodge, No 1113 Story Here
5th March 2020 Presented to W.Bro. Derek Hedges at Southport Mark, No 473 Story Here
13th March 2020 Presented to W.Bro. Alan Burrows at Eccles Mark, No 843 Story Here
6th October 2021 Presented to W.Bro. Graham Bailey Chorleyton Mark, No 394 Story Here
25th October 2021 Prestented to W.Bro. Peter Harding Flixton Shepherd Eastwood No 1173
9th November 2021 Presented to W.Bro. Brain Hayes Cloister Mark No 1475 Story Here
9th December 2021 Presented to W.Bro. Anthony Fletcher Westhoughton Mark No 1006 Story Here
16th December 2021 Presented to W.Bro. Richard Higson, New Temple Mark Lodge No 1438
13th January 2022 Presented to W.Bro. Richard Elsdon, Leyland Mark No 1002 Story Here
17th March 2022 Presented to W.Bro. Mike Norris, Lawrence Mark No 313 Story Here
20th February 2023 Presented to W.Bro. Mark Brown, Semper Fidelis No 880 Story here
21st February 2024 Presented to W.Bro. David Platt, Wyre Mark No 754 Story here
23rd March 2024 Presented to W.Bro. Paul Smedley, Cleveleys Mark No 1176 Story Here
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