Those who attended the banquet following the Provincial meeting at Southport on the 24th April this year will no doubt recall that The Provincial Grand Master announced that the Rules for the Travelling Keystone were to be reviewed to facilitate the more frequent movement of the keystone between Mark Lodges.
He then presented the Keystone, together with its Log Book and presentation case, to W.Bro. Stephen Hallam, the Master of Leyland Mark Lodge No. 1002, whose members were the largest number in attendance at the banquet, with instructions to endeavour to pass on the keystone at the earliest opportunity in the new Masonic season.

In June the revised Rules for the Travelling Keystone were issued which are summarised as:-

  • The W.M. of Lodge holding the Keystone, together with at least 2 other Lodge members (preferably the Wardens) and as many other members as possible, will attend a regular Lodge meeting of the nearest Mark Lodge who are meeting within 2 weeks of the date of having received the Keystone.
  • At the Social Board following the meeting, the visiting W.M. will make a formal presentation of the Keystone to the Master of the Lodge who will then complete the Log Book and notify the Provincial Webmaster – – that he is in possession of the Keystone.
  • The W.M. will then make arrangements to visit the next available nearest Lodge meeting within 2 weeks.
  • Any Lodge failing to transfer the stone within the 2 week period will be required to make a donation of £10.00 to the West Lancashire Mark Charity Fund.  Any exemption from this rule will be at the discretion of the Provincial Grand Master upon receipt of an explanatory request from the Worshipful Master for such exemption.
  • The W.M. of the Lodge holding the stone at the date of the Provincial meeting will notify the Provincial Grand Secretary and retain the stone, He will then be announced as the first recipient for the next Masonic season at the provincial meeting.
  • If the stone has travelled to every Mark Lodge in the Province before the next Provincial meeting, the Lodge holding the Stone at the time will notify the Provincial Grand Secretary and retain the stone and will be announced as the first recipient for the next Masonic Season.
By adopting these revised rules, it is hoped that the Keystone will truly Travel around the Province as originally envisioned by V.W.Bro. Ian Nairn in May 2011 when the Keystone was first presented to the Province.
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John Bicknell
16th August 2018